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Q?What occurs during whitening?

Teeth Whitening Dublin
During the laser teeth whitening process, the active ingredient in the gel, sodium perborate is broken down to water and oxygen and enters the tooth enamel via its right angled crystals known as hydroxyapatite. This enables deeply embedded discolored substances (stains) to be whitened. The structure of the tooth is not changed; only the tooth enamel stain is changed and becomes a lighter and whiter shade.

Q?How long will it take until my teeth are whiter?

The complete treatment takes 60 minutes which includes a consultation. The whitening effect will depend on the natural colour of your enamel. For most people the desired result will be achieved after just one treatment. . Extremely heavily stained teeth may require additional treatments.. Teeth will continue to whiten with each successive treatment until desired results are achieved. Averagely 12 shades of whitening are achieved in one treatment.

Q?How long do results last?

Laser teeth whitening results are long lasting. Exposure to dark substances such as coffees, teas, tobacco, red wines and certain other stain producing substances may eventually darken teeth again over time. But normally this takes up to 2 years and teeth rarely accumulate the same level of staining again. For best maintenance, a teeth whitening toothpaste is recommended.