Naturally Looking Results

If you are looking for natural looking teeth whitening results that will not overpower your face or create a fake unflattering look, then our laser teeth whitening at Vitality Centre Dublin is for you.

Ongoing CPD certification in whitening processes .The Academy of Dental Learning which is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider, Dental Board of California, RP4687. New York State Education Department and The University Of The State Of New York: IC 129.

Special Offer This Month: Book 1 Hour Laser Teeth Whitening at Vitality Centre Ballsbridge NOW €99 (AND YOUR FRIEND GOES FRIEND). Bring your friend along on the day and we will do their teeth (if they are suitable for treatment of course) absolutely FREE.


A Different Type of Laser Teeth Whitening

About 10 years ago laser teeth whitening clinics offered peroxide based treatments that caused sensitivity. Anyone who experienced this may anticipate the famous “zings” as peroxide penetrated the dentie layer of the tooth. Experts agree that this sort of laser teeth whitening treatment could lead to long term problems such as weakening of the teeth. At Dublin Vitality Centre, we are leaders in natural health. Teeth whitening has changed over the years. We chose non peroxide approaches that offer natural looking results and do not damage your teeth or cause pain.


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